What Details You need for Buying twin stroller

What Details You need for Buying twin stroller

To choose the best stroller, you must take into account the type of stroller as well as different characteristics (wheels and suspension, weight and dimensions, space occupied by the stroller, storage, etc.).

The duo with shell is therefore the one usable from 6 months formula for gassy babies. Six months for the hammock stroller and 3 or even 4 months for the shell car seat. This choice is to be made only if you already have a carrycot and a cozy available for the baby’s first six months, whether in the car or in a twin stroller.

Note: the shell will serve you from 3 months to 1 year of baby. Then you will need to invest in a group 1 car seat.

3 Considerations To Take Into Account Before Buying A Double Stroller

My choice is made but which duo to choose?

First of all, know that in general the duets all have the advantage of practicality good formula for gassy baby. A storage basket is often present for transporting baby items and storing groceries.

Another practical advantage of the duos: the ease of storage and folding.

The main differences between the different carrycot duos will be the general aesthetics of the stroller, the colors offered and the affect towards the brand.

For duets with baby case, the design will play even more: 

  • 4-wheel or 3-wheel duo stroller? Generally, 3-wheel strollers are more stylish but another difference exists: when a three-wheeler will be at ease on all types of terrain, the duo4 wheels will offer more comfort to baby on city streets.
  • Need more info to make your choice? Consult our 4-wheel stroller buying guide as well as the searchable 3-wheelerhere.
  • As you can see, the big difference is between the hull and the nacelle. This choice made, all you have to do is judge the city or rural use, then it will ultimately be a matter of taste.

The seat of this type of model is fixed to the frame. You can add accessories or attach a shell to it. This is sometimes provided for purchase (referred to as the “travel system”). Among this type of stroller, you will find light and compact models and others more voluminous with large storage baskets.

6 Things To Consider While Choosing A Double Stroller For Your Babies –  Miss Frugal Mommy

Convertible stroller

With this modular stroller, you can remove the seat from the frame to turn it back or replace it with a pram or shell. Some high-end models allow many configurations in order to be able to transport, for example, a second child. Several accessories are generally offered.

Compact stroller and umbrella

These strollers are small and light and take up little space when closed. In the category of entry-level umbrella models, there is little adjustment possible. With more luxurious products as well as compact models, you will be able to recline the backrest, change the height of the footrest, adjust the handles and use the sun visor as needed.


Umbrella and compact strollers are ideal for travel: several models will be allowed in the cabin as hand luggage when boarding the plane. The small wheels will however offer less comfort to the child than with another type of stroller. 

How to check children’s cell phones? With Google it’s easy


Having been a mom for 10 years – it seems like I have everything under control.

I have a system for managing children, discipline, pocket money, meal planning, and a bunch of other tricks to keep my family’s daily life running smoothly.

Either they’re too complicated (i.e., it takes 10 clicks to shut down their device) or they’re too hard to install, or my kids can find a workaround or hack the whole thing.

Google is trying to solve all of this. He presented a new application called Family Link . The application lives on the parent’s phone and allows you to adjust the children’s devices remotely.

The app allows you to set a sleep time (so my daughter won’t be tempted to send whatsapp to her friends when they’re downstairs watching “Homeland”) and an alarm clock (so my son won’t see YouTube before 6am. morning, which is incredibly problematic).

The app allows you to approve any app they want to put on their phone with just a touch of a button and also see which apps they have spent the most time on.

The application also allows you to quickly see where your children are (if the GPS function is turned on).

What if I need them to go down to dinner right now?

There are also loads of handy controls for YouTube, Chrome, and other applications including privacy settings. In essence, it allows you to have more control.

For children it is necessary to have Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.

Instead for that of parents starting from Android 4.4 KitKat.

The application is also available for Iphone starting from iOS 9.…