How to check children’s cell phones? With Google it’s easy


Having been a mom for 10 years – it seems like I have everything under control.

I have a system for managing children, discipline, pocket money, meal planning, and a bunch of other tricks to keep my family’s daily life running smoothly.

Either they’re too complicated (i.e., it takes 10 clicks to shut down their device) or they’re too hard to install, or my kids can find a workaround or hack the whole thing.

Google is trying to solve all of this. He presented a new application called¬†Family Link¬†. The application lives on the parent’s phone and allows you to adjust the children’s devices remotely.

The app allows you to set a sleep time (so my daughter won’t be tempted to send whatsapp to her friends when they’re downstairs watching “Homeland”) and an alarm clock (so my son won’t see YouTube before 6am. morning, which is incredibly problematic).

The app allows you to approve any app they want to put on their phone with just a touch of a button and also see which apps they have spent the most time on.

The application also allows you to quickly see where your children are (if the GPS function is turned on).

What if I need them to go down to dinner right now?

There are also loads of handy controls for YouTube, Chrome, and other applications including privacy settings. In essence, it allows you to have more control.

For children it is necessary to have Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.

Instead for that of parents starting from Android 4.4 KitKat.

The application is also available for Iphone starting from iOS 9.…